UMG widget appearing aliased when shear transformed.

When I shear a UMG widget in the designer the text and images appear aliased. Here is an example of what I’m seeing.

Here is an example without shear transforming.

I can’t seem to find a way around this issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello partydan,

UMG widgets are not subject to any post processing, this would include such things as anti aliasing (with the exception of 3D widgets that are placed in the world). This type of affect would need to be done in the texture itself. I hope that this information helps.

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This is an old post but I’ll link to a material trick I demonstrated for a similar question (in case it helps people who find this by search results):

I had a lot of aliasing problems with the render transform but finally found an easy solution:

  1. wrap the root child of your widget with a Retainer Box
  2. add a small padding to the first child that draws something (eg. border widget)
  3. Done! shearing and rotating the complete widget will now look a lot better

Here is a comparison:

before (jagged outlines and heavily distorted text):



It actually helped me. If child widget (child of Retainer Box I mean) doesn’t have padding options (e.g. Vertical Box) you can add 1 to X and Y Translation of that child and this trick would work too

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Hi, I have taken retainer and applied whatever you said but those jaggy edges for widgets are not going please help me to fix this

I think there are changes of ui rendering process.
Only applying a retainer box with modified render transform doesn’t work for the case.

But you can still do it with retainer box with a material.
Instead of using Render Transform you should use a custom material for retainer box.

Rotation or Shear can be done this way. Modifying uv in material shader.

Did you ever find a good solution to this mate? I’ve got a game nearly finished, but this problem makes it look so unprofessional. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Just realised this post is 2 years old :joy: