[UMG] User created widget not updating until engine restart?

Hi folks,

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if I have discovered a bug. Instances of my custom widget placed in other widgets are not updating their visuals when I make changes to the custom widget.
Specifically, I can access a button widget that I added to the custom widget via blueprints and define functionality for it. But the button (or any other change) won´t show up in my main HUD widget. This is true for the editor as well as the game. When I restart the engine the widget updates as it should. But this doesn´t seem to be right? I am fairly sure that this kind of stuff worked properly before.
I couldn´t find anything related when searching the internet. If there´s already a topic here about something similar then I would be grateful if you could point me there.

I´m using version 4.26.1

Thanks for having a look


Hello! I think it is a bug. Same issue. But for now you can replace your Custom UMG with itself ( without restart). But in this method you lose any values in details panel to default (((((((((. I think we need to report a bug. But my english is not good.

confirmed, im having the same problem in 4.26.2
something happens during save/compile where it permanently damages the primary container widget, until engine restart.

if you try to make a brand new container widget, and then put in the child widget, it will update properly but this is not a viable solution… as this widget will soon break as well.

same problem(

Same issue here. Very frustrating and a huge performance hit while working on UI. Anyone got any info on this? Is this a new bug?

Bumping to note I’m running into the same issue on 4.26.2.

Ran into same problem with 4.26.2

Replace widget with the same one helps. But with deeply nested widgets it is hard to understand which one you have to refresh. So I refresh all tree of widgets until it gets rendered correctly in PIE and Editor. For testing I also use “play as standalone game”.

It’s also relevant for UE5 Early Access.
Only way to update a User Created Widget in another Widget, is to restart the project, or replace the widget with a new instance of itself.

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4.26 and 4.26.2 same here. Running into so many bugs with UMG its crazy… Does anyone know a stable version of Unreal that doesn’t have as many UMG bugs I can revert to?

I have the same problem. Have created a custom umg widget and placed it on my main hud.
If I update the custom widget, then it is not “refreshed” on the instances on the hud.

Unreal Engine Version 4.26.2

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confirmed, same problem. its very random which widget that decides to misbehave like this.

Same here. Frustrating.

This is really frustrating, even after restart it doesn’t update >:|

It looks like some problem with cashe, now its showing old one even after replacment

Bumpety Bump. This does indeed still happen!


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Happens to me too, All the time, which is frustrating really, you have to replace the nested widget each time you make any change.
The shocking part it’s in UE5 Early access too.
Please try to fix this.

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Has anyone filed a bug report about this yet? I think that’s what we need to do…

I did but please can you do it as well, the more of us file a bug the faster they will resolve it.