[UMG] User created widget not updating until engine restart?

Hi folks,

I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or if I have discovered a bug. Instances of my custom widget placed in other widgets are not updating their visuals when I make changes to the custom widget.
Specifically, I can access a button widget that I added to the custom widget via blueprints and define functionality for it. But the button (or any other change) won´t show up in my main HUD widget. This is true for the editor as well as the game. When I restart the engine the widget updates as it should. But this doesn´t seem to be right? I am fairly sure that this kind of stuff worked properly before.
I couldn´t find anything related when searching the internet. If there´s already a topic here about something similar then I would be grateful if you could point me there.

I´m using version 4.26.1

Thanks for having a look


Hello! I think it is a bug. Same issue. But for now you can replace your Custom UMG with itself ( without restart). But in this method you lose any values in details panel to default (((((((((. I think we need to report a bug. But my english is not good.

confirmed, im having the same problem in 4.26.2
something happens during save/compile where it permanently damages the primary container widget, until engine restart.

if you try to make a brand new container widget, and then put in the child widget, it will update properly but this is not a viable solution… as this widget will soon break as well.

same problem(

Same issue here. Very frustrating and a huge performance hit while working on UI. Anyone got any info on this? Is this a new bug?

Bumping to note I’m running into the same issue on 4.26.2.