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Hi all,

I am trying to make a expandable tree structure in UE4. The design is like the image below.
I assumed I should use “Tree View” to make it.
However, I couldn’t find any tutorial regarding about the Tree View in UMG.
I dragged it onto a canvas, but it says “There is no EntryWidgetClass specified on this list. Even if doing custom stuff, this is always required as a fallback.”
I don’t even understand what’s a entry widget class.
When I googled it, there is no tutorial or documentation elaborating on this topic.
All I could find is a plug-in.
Is there any ways I can make a expandable tree structure in UMG?
Please help. I have been desperately trying to figure this out for days.


Hi you can create an entry widget by clicking on the + sign. (If you add a new one it should be automaticly selected otherwise use the dropdown to select your entry widget)

Have a look here for details:

There’s little info on it as it’s a relatively new (?) feature. I personally do not like the tut above, it’s truly convoluted but that’s the only one that I know of. We were trying to crack it earlier last year:

I got it to work with a Primary Data Asset in pure BPs but eventually reverted back to c++. It’s pretty nifty and performant to boot.

Thank you for your help. I pressed the plus button and it created a Entry Widget Class. But after I put some UI elements in the Entry Widget Class, nothing got updated in the original BP. I really have a hard time to figure this out.

Thank you. This is very helpful. It looks difficult to do too. I guess I will just buy the plugin to save time. :slight_smile:

How big is this tree going to get - there are other ways of creating something similar, a bit clunky but workable providing you do not need it to be huge.

It would be a long tree structure. It could be more than 1000 items on the list. Do you suggest any other ways of doing it in UMG?

Took a while to dig it out of an old project.

The widget I mean is called ExpandableArea - when nested, it creates a tree-like structure:

Image from Gyazo

You can nest vertical boxes chuck full of other Expandable Areas. And it can be populated dynamically, of course, so there’s no need to manually punch in thousands of entries. You’d need to feed it data in a loop - in this case it’s fetched from a Data Table.


Ha, 3 years later and there is still 0 info. Typical Epic.


5 Years later still nothing

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I spent some time on this and dropdown seems to be the best option if you guys are trying to achieve a tree view-like widget.