(UMG) Timeline substitute

I noticed that in the widgets it is not possible to use a timeline.
I would have used it for a scalar parameter of a material of a widget image. Is there a substitute?

Hi, you can add an Animation and then add keyframes in your animation track timeline. As far as I understand your case +Animation → +Track (select your image) → + (Brush.Brush Materials) → +Parameter (select your scalar parameter). Then add keyframes. To play the animation you can add a “Play Animation” Node inside of your widget graph. Unreal Documentation for Animation in Widgets Animation | Unreal Engine Documentation

So you want the slider to move from 0 to B? If so you could use something like that

So you set your animation to go linear from 0 to 1 in one second. Then you can play your animation from a start time (because the animation is one second long the start time will be were the value of the slider is at the beginning of the animation) and you could specify an end time (this is how far your slider would go, you could set the end time variable from outside.)

That’s exactly what I was looking for.
However, I ask you another question.
In fact I would have used the timeline also for a slider inside the widget. (I wanted the slider to move in real time from 0 to 1 for example.
I know I could do that with the animations of the widget.
The problem is that the value B of slider depends on what the player does in the level.
Sorry for bad english

Thank you very much, you are a kind of god. I hope it can be useful to someone else. Good luck with your projects!