UMG Templates plugin - blueprint UWidgets and more!

Hey guys!
I am introducing new Widget system which provides functionality of creating blueprint UWidgets and exposing them to UMG PaletteCategory!

Recent version: 4.21

Marketplace link: Templates UMG in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace
Discord support: TefelDev
Example project:…ol_qZJ2Rnowhvv


How it works?

Simply use one of 12 provided DefaultWidgets as BaseClass for your UWidget or create ChildBlueprint from provided UWidgets.

So every widget can be simply defined in default class and reused as normal UWidget (default Unreal Widget) without necessity of creating UUserWidgets.
Whole system is more encapsulated and secure because of moving all Style properties to be edited by default only. So in the end there is only one place where look of specific template widget is defined.

What else?

In addition to the system of DefaultWidgets creation I provide completely new widgets ready to use with your game! There is small list below and graphics but for sure you will find even more after release!

Every single widget is created in code. There are no exceptions.

Everything is presented in user-friendly form of Unreal Engine interactive level presentation. There are multiple examples of every single widget and custom templates creation.

One of many new widget examples - PieChart:

Or exposed existing Unreal Engine Widgets with full customization look like Content Directory Tree:

Do I need to define widget style in class defaults?

If you don’t want to use hiding style properties but only use Custom Widgets you can disable **DefineStyleInClassDefaults **in ProjectSettings -> TemplatesUMG!

Can I define my own categories in PalletteCategory?

Yes, of course you can create many different categories like: MyBlueStyleWidgets, MainMenuElements etc.

But why UWidgets?

  • in fact new UWidget is only data structure and whole logic is implemented still in **code **that’s why is more performant than UserWidgets
  • assets in comparison to UserWidgets are much smaller. For example simple implementation of Button in UserWidgets takes **50kb **when UWidget only 5kb.
  • there is no need to create **many dispatchers **for events because it just works like standard “White” UE4 Widgets
  • in many cases like selectable list, radiobutton list, checkbox list, content directory tree, graph, charts it just provides more functionality
  • every widget has **custom Icon **so it can be easily recognized in the PaletteCategory, no more blue boxes as icons
  • every widget can belongs to custom Category, so in the end can be organize better
  • it can be still combined with other UUserWidgets

Is plugin safe to use?

Absolutely! Templates UMG plugin was tested in the Editor and all types of Build configurations!

What about price?

I want to keep plugin relatively cheap and add much more Content into it! I am considering thinking about 20€ prize.

When I can expect plugin in the Marketplace?

Hopefully as soon as possible. Currently is in the review stage.


I would love to know your opinion!
Please let me know what would you like to see in the next updates of widgets?

Any feedback? :slight_smile:

Nice to see stuff like this.

UMG is actually really easy to build upon and there’s a lot of good stuff in Slate that isn’t exposed to UMG yet, rich text in particular (though, we need a decorator that does everything from image embedding to hyperlinks).

It’s a good idea. I too have a few things I’ve made which I share between my projects, it comes in very useful.

I am glad that you like it. Any other opinions? Thank you!

This looks great! I’ll definitely pick it up depending on price. I’d really like to see the table view implemented as well :slight_smile:

This looks very nice. An easy way to style entire collections of UMG widgets is WAY overdue. Can’t wait!

I wasn’t sure if people would like to use collections of UMG where style is defined in one place. Now I am convinced to extend it further! Thank you!

Tefel I would like to propose a new custom control for you to build and add to your plugin. It would be nice if there was a custom “selector” control that looks like so:

<<- Some Value ->>

Where the arrows are buttons that cycle you thru the values. Not sure how else to describe it, but I see these all the time in video settings menus etc. Currently we have to put them together ourselves with a custom widget that contains a couple buttons and a list.

Anyway - just an idea. Good luck!

That’s pretty cool plugin ! It could really improve our UMG creation workflow. Styling widgets like buttons etc. should be long time ago in Unreal and your plugin finally brings this feature ! If price will be good I will buy your plugin with pleasure :slight_smile:

I would also want to see this in your plugin. Thumbs up for this idea !

Very cool suggestion. Thank you! :slight_smile:
“Selector” added to my list! :slight_smile:

This is taking a while to get approved :frowning:

It is approved. Today I am finally adding it into marketplace!

This is very nice. I am definitely going to look out for this.
Can one configure multiple styles? Change the style in-game? Is it still possible to change the style per-instance?
I don’t think these are necessary features, but I’m just curious.
And just to get this right. I can change the look of these 12 default widgets and all widgets from your plugin will change the looks accordingly?

Also, in case you want to add more widgets, I can think of one: A Carousel widget (would be useful for shops and item-selection or stuff like this)

Also, do you plan on providing more complex widgets like chat boxes, inventory interfaces, HUDs, quest windows and you name it? Not sure what would make sense, but you might want to provide even more complex widgets in a different plugin or even add them to this one?

Hmm those are really nice features. I don’t see any problems with inheriting styles and doing some small modification.

Yes, changing default widget style changes all instances looks accordingly.

Yes, that’s what I am exactly going to do it. Providing some complex widgets but still being separate widgets not whole layouts. Those are very good examples like inventory slot, chat box or selector.

I’m definitely going to buy this one later, then ;D

Great to hear. The plugin is already in the marketplace! :slight_smile:

Thank you for first purchases!

Have you added any more widgets like table view and window?

Yes I will do it for sure. I will also improve existing widgets, so they are more generic and have more specific uses.

I dont know how well this asset sold itself, but are you still going to add new widgets?