UMG - SkeletalMesh, yep, another Inventory guy.

OK, I got all documentation I could find and as much others I’m trying to get a character rendered to an inventory screen.

Since there is no Alpha channel on Screencapture (by the last twitch video comment) I thought about make a chromakey from the Rendertarget (the idea is good) BUT I’m getting the skybox reflected on the character. :frowning:


I couldn’t see any flag on material or mesh to hide then from this automatic material reflection, how could I get rid from this?

Thank you.

LOL, the idea didn’t worked well…


Anyway, about my question, the 2D scenecaptureactor has a postprocess control over screen space reflections, “zeroing” it solved the undesired artifacts.

You would be better off placing a quad or some other fake background behind the character in 3D and not having to worry about chromakeying it. Might be nicer anyway, you could have him on a nice little pedestal, maybe a happy little bush and a tree.

I am with Nick on this one!

Maybe a flower too :slight_smile:


@Nick, Rama

Thanks for the feedback.

As you said, a nice BGQuad will do the trick, now I’m managing to get a character class that “mimetizes” my modular character to be spawned as a child actor from the guy that writes to my RT.
Using teleport or a moveto to place the own player character on the platform will probably cause cloth breaks (as we’ve seen on so many games).

After get something “almost ready” I’ll try get a video capture.


Well… Looks like it’s working.

I need improve the communication to don’t pass by the level BP, anyway there are more things to do on this. :smiley:

Around 2 months… Maybe too much sprites to do. LOL

very nice :slight_smile: