UMG: Render 3D scene to widget

So I need to make a background for the main menu of my game and I am fairly new to UMG. I need to create an ‘Arkham City’ style background which is 3D and moves around a scene. It also needs to change when I select an option in the menu. I haven’t started this yet and I need some advice on how to approach this. Any would be appreciated. Is there some way to render a scene to a UMG widget? Or maybe have UMG overlay on top of a scene? Thanks in advance!

Ok thank you. But how exactly am I meant to overlay the UMG menu on top of the scene? What nodes do I need to use?

UMG widgets are rendered on top of the 3D world. You can build your menu scene as a normal Level and then add the UMG menu widget to the viewport on top of it.

In Blueprint, you can use the Create Widget and Add to Viewport nodes, like this.

In C++ you can call the global CreateWidget() method then MyWidget->AddToViewport();.

I think he means how to embed a 3D scene into a UMG widget. I am also trying to do the same thing for 3D maps similar to Metroid Prime.

Apparently there’s an experimental UViewport UMG widget that they’re working on that should let you create a UWorld that is separate from the current world. That widget can act as a view into this second UWorld.

This is similar to how editor thumbnails would work.

Yeah max, that is what I am looking for. However, can you please give me an example on the blueprint/macro structure to accomplish this? I’m finding it a bit difficult with nothing to go on.

That’s what the title asks, but the problem of making a 3D backdrop for a menu that is described in the actual question is still solved by the much simpler approach of rendering the menu on top of a scene.

The blueprint screenshot I posted above should be all you need. It goes into the level blueprint of your menu background scene.

Oh thanks, didn’t see that before lol!

where is the blueprint screenshot tou posted?

Is where he wrote “like this”. It was kinda hard for me to see aswell.

thank you .
I find this link Cowtastrophe | Global Game Jam
it’s helpful.

you can use the scenecapture2d component to render into a material and then use that material on your umg