UMG: Pixel dimensions not matching UX wireframes, how to get consistency?

Hey, trying to find the right forum for this, let me know if I should move it.

My UI is wireframed and redlined in figma, which gives pixel dimensions at 1:1 based on the 1920x1080 artboard. When I translate these dimensions to UMG however, the look varies drastically. Text seems similar, but heights and widths are not. The pictures below are Figma vs UMG.

7e446acc479b5aa297d23534a23be338bf327837.jpeg UEButtons.JPG

I could trial and error my way to the proper proportions, but I want to figure out where the difference is occurring so that I can consistently translate the redlines into UI. Obviously there’s a difference in pixel density, but I’m unsure of how to account for it. Any help?