UMG: Pixel dimensions not matching UX wireframes, how to get consistency?

Hey, trying to find the right forum for this, let me know if I should move it.

My UI is wireframed and redlined in figma, which gives pixel dimensions at 1:1 based on the 1920x1080 artboard. When I translate these dimensions to UMG however, the look varies drastically. Text seems similar, but heights and widths are not. The pictures below are Figma vs UMG.

7e446acc479b5aa297d23534a23be338bf327837.jpeg UEButtons.JPG

I could trial and error my way to the proper proportions, but I want to figure out where the difference is occurring so that I can consistently translate the redlines into UI. Obviously there’s a difference in pixel density, but I’m unsure of how to account for it. Any help?

Did you find an answer? We’re using figma over here too

The official answer from epic support 2 years ago was:
“Suck it.
UMG is not “pixel” perfect.”

And they closed the bug reports related to it / deleted all the votes on them requesting they fix it…

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wow, ok then.