UMG or FStreamableManager? Crashing the game on 4.7

Got a trouble reported with more details here on the forums after the 4.7 update.

The check causing the problem is on UObject::ProcessEvent( ) Line 799:

checkf(!GIsRoutingPostLoad, TEXT("Cannot call UnrealScript (%s - %s) while PostLoading objects"), *GetFullName(), *Function->GetFullName());

After a test using the “same” method and conditions with FStreamableManager doing an async load from a StaticMesh get’s asserted on the checkf above, but while loading a SkeletalMesh trough the same function does not produces such effect, the Object that is calling UnrealScript is a button from which the variable bIsHovered is being checked constantly, but the accused Method is OnMouseLeave( ).

Unfortunatelly that’s all information I could get, I can just “suppose” that it’s something related to some PostLoad process the engine performs internally, but I don’t know if this kind of state should be applied just to StaticMeshes (and this would explain why the SkeletalMesh loading is bypassing the check) or if I got “luck” because both processes should be crashing.

Any help and directions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

SOLVED on 4.7.1 Update with help/reporting from @Steve Hardister.

Thank you!