UMG Health Bar Replication

So I’ve followed Unreal’s UMG tutorial here and am wondering if anyone knows how I could go about replicating the health bar? I’ve been searching for a solution for a while and haven’t been successful.

I just watched the Network Tutorial on Youtube and I think you don’t have to replicate the healthbar but the variable (HealthValue) of it. You can find it in “FirstPersonCharacter” and then make a RepNotify Event which causes the client to also run the “UpdateHealthbar”-Function (since the value of it changes on the server and the rest is just updating visuals).

Thanks for your help Fortuna, I definitely managed to replicate the health value. Having a harder time of allowing the server and clients to actually see each other’s health bars drawn with UMG.

Well thats not what I meant. You just need the HealthValue. The Bar itself is just a visual, thats why you have to call “RepNotify” to notify the clients to update the bar based on the HealthValue which got replicated. I will make a demo of it later :stuck_out_tongue: Or maybe I just missunderstood you ^^