UMG Gradient/'Fake Glow' Outline?

Hi, everyone. I’m trying to do something that I had expected to be rather simple and rather commonly ‘tutorialised’, which is that I want to use the new outline function on the fonts in UMG and I want the opacity of said outline to fade gradually outwards.

Here’s an example of how I would do it in PhotoShop:

In PhotoShop, you’d just apply a stroke effect to the layer, which is equivalent to the outline available in UMG. Then when it comes time to select the colour of the stroke effect in PhotoShop, you can select gradient, and here’s where I can’t work out how to get what I want in UMG: PhotoShop has several types of gradient, most of which I’ve been able to find in UMG, but there’s a gradient style in PhotoShop called ‘Shape Burst’, and that’s what I need in UMG.

What Shape Burst does is it analyses the shape of the image on the layer, including the angles of its edges, and ‘grades’ the colour(s) outwards in the same manner. Is this possible in UE4 with UMG text? Thanks a million.

Hi, you could do rounded borders with this kit on the unreal marketplace:
It should solve what you would like to do, I noticed there’s also a playable demo!