UMG element as Widget Component colors are washed out in World Space

When creating my widget component in world space the colors are completely washed out when placed in the level.
I haven’t been able to find in the engine or look up any solution to this problem. The post process settings, import settings and material settings haven’t made any different and even in the UMG editor the colors aren’t washed out.

Here is what the UMG should look like


Here is what the UMG looks like in a level


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

So I found out that it has to do with size. As when I make an actor with the same UMG widget component much bigger or by zooming very far out the colors become more corrected.

Zooming in causes the smaller umg to become washed out again.

Unfortunately I need the UMG to be smaller in this case so I still need to find a solution.