UMG Documentation for 4.4 Preview

UMG Documentation Has Moved!

You can now view the much prettier version of the UMG documentation on UDN!

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Wow that was quick!! Thank you for doing !

Subscribed to thread :slight_smile:

*EDIT: Well done ! is extremely helpful, I was able to get a menu up and working!
Thanks again for writing up, it will be easier to give feedback now that I know it was not a bug, I was just totally messing it up on my end! :cool:

is exactly what I’ve been waiting for :smiley: You guys have been moving extremely well on updates. Kudos!

Really thanks alot! I will dive in to it right away -> starting up the editor :cool:

In 4.4 it seems like the “Widget Blueprint” is categorized under the root of “Blueprints” instead of “User interface” in the content browser.


Edit: Strangely enough… it got fixed after reloading the editor.

@Nique Did you restart the editor after enabling UMG?

Well post has blown my plans up. (in a good way) Was going to do a tutorial for hud to scene interaction but playing with seems more inviting. Great work. Can’t believe I’ve missed being testable.

No, but restarting fixed it. I restarted it 3 minutes before your post :slight_smile:

Is there a list of supported palette templates planned for in the future? For example: radio (buttons)? Imagine a City builder game in which you can select only one tool (road tool, demolish tool, zoning tool). For now i have to create a verticalBox with buttons and make them act as a radio button list using blueprint. (no problem but a template would be great! The combo-box has kind of the same underlying structure)

I like how it’s similar to Android ui system :slight_smile:

Bug or am I doing it wrong?

If I have a UMG widget added to a viewport, with or without show mouse, the mouse itself is no longer constrained to the viewport. Using 3 monitors is very noticeable. Without the UMG object added the mouse is locked to the viewport.


When I remove from viewport the mouse control does not go back to the viewport automatically until I click back on it.

BOOM! Subscribed. Can’t wait!!! woohoo. Thank you Epic!

I might just be being stupid but is there (or is it planned) a way to anchor one widget to another? so for instance you can make a multicolumn css box style model?

Use the verticalBox or HorizontalBox :wink:

@MathewW Bugs with the viewport / mouse code in slate, needs to be fixed soon.

Thanks ! is great way of checking out progress, an give suggestions as things develop :slight_smile:

  • events (onClicked) will work on mobile with touch as well?

Yeah, it will work on touch.

Awesome! Going to give a try tomorrow.

It’s awesome to see UMG coming along so splendidly, keep up the the good work!