UMG Documentation for 4.4 Preview

That’s honestly infinitely better than I dared hope for as a first release/experimental build, incredibly well done job to everyone who has been working on this, I really can’t wait to see it grow and become even more powerful, seeing all this gives me confidence I’ll be able to achieve the necessary interface designs I was hoping to be able to for future projects, can’t wait to use it :)!

I’m still on 4.3.1 UMG, but I created a button and I have touch mouse events in settings disabled because I want to use my left and right mouse buttons to select units using single line trace. I was wondering if there is away to split the viewport between the actual game and the HUD. For example the mouse now is capable of clicking on the buttons and such once u hover over them, but it gets disabled after that. Right now I can’t touch the button and create events using that. Also, how can I use the get click event function for buttons? I can’t really understand how that works. Wouldn’t have been better if it was an event instead of a function?

Also, how do you add delay to the widget blueprint? it doesn’t seem to be working.

Is there a way to change the position of one component in the widget during runtime?

If it’s a function, Delay and other latent nodes are not possible. Should work on regular multicast events though.

Depends, you’d need to get the widget in question (which must be hosted in a Canvas Panel widget), get it’s slot, then cast it to a CanvasPanelSlot, then you can adjust those properties. This effects the layout transform information. We’re working on adding render transforms now, (translation, scale, rotation), those will work on every widget. So you can layout things logically, then use render transforms to perform cool animations and temporary transforms, like make buttons bigger when the user has their finger on it.

Ok thanks for the information! UMG is looking great so far, can’t wait for the release!

Wow, UMG Is looking splendid! Even tho im still in 4.2 i hope one day to try it :slight_smile:

How would you go about changing a progress bar over time? I want it to fill to 100% in 6 seconds

I’ve tried custom loops with delay, custom events and calling it from the HUD blueprint. I also tried for loops. Nothing worked. I can only set it to a certain point like 50%, but then it resets it self. I csnt make it change over time. ;(

@Valkon, can you post an example of doing it over time, using the Tick event? All you need to do is bind it to a progress property (float), and then adjust that value between 0…1 over 6 seconds.

hi .i cant find umg in ue4.3.1?

hi .i cant find umg in ue4.3.1?

12e4dcdf7fb5bf1cf9b72b4fb48d5e3814536060.png Here. I have clicked event is whenever I click the button the progress should change, but it never happens

How does the Clicked event get fired? And is that progress float property bound to the progress of the progress bar widget?

Yes the float is bound to the progress bar percent. 59d0c696a4c08651461e077aae91242a8bf9f5dc.png Tick checks everytime to see if it’s clicked if yes then it calls the click event. I tried having the delay be on the HUD blueprint, but it still didn’t work.

IsPressed is not an accurate way to know if a button was clicked, you’ll need to use the OnClickedEvent function binding mechanism shown in the doc above. I think I’m going to change Click over to a standard BP multicast event.

There is no hover event on buttons? how could there be no hover events for buttons?
Also TextBlock doesn’t have any events. how is that possible?

Edit 1: Okay I do see “Is Hovered” (for buttons) but currently can’t get it to work. (fixed, I used event_Tick)

Edit 2: But i want this for Textblock aswell. (resolved, ended being that textblock weren’t being automatically made a variable)

Edit 3: So far so good. UMG definitely looks promising as i get acclimated to it. Will report back soon cause I building a large Menu UI right now.

The button press is working, the problem is with the progress bar. I can’t seem to change it. How would you go about changing? what time function would you use?

You can use In Delta Time from Tick, or Get Game Time in Seconds. So does your binding look like this: binding.png, is percentage a value between 0 and 1? If all that is true can you send me an asset that reproduces the issue so I can take a look?

is the blueprint itself enough?

I’ll include an image of how it looks like. Basically whenever the button I have is pressed it sends a custom event clicked which then increases the percent


Are there any tutorial on sequencer. I’m trying to animate the size of the buttons…

Edit: I fiddled around with all the functions. Took me a while but I finally found a solution (false positive, don’t have a solution). But I still don’t know how to create an animation using sequencer.
Will keep digging.