UMG combobox not droppable through Actor BP

My widget (placed in a Actor) has a Combobox. The problem is, inside the Actor, the dropdown won’t work. It’s not dropping. When I add the Widget with “create widget” and “add to viewport” it works!

Clickable it is, but there’s no dropdown.

Seems like the same problem like here, just with combobox.

These setting I’ve already done.

see my video Tutorial Unreal Engine UMG ComboBox. - YouTube

Yeah, seen it alredy. But i added my whole widget to an actor, then to the map. Then it’s not working. When I put it directly, its working

send me a photo

I seen, that I put this on the other method to the level. But when i add this via create widget like you, I cant set the apect ratio.

you want to resize?

just to fit the screen on every phone. but the menu is portrait and the game landscpe. no resize

you have to adjust the anchor in every corner of each button or combox

I dont have this settings on my buttons. Only on first element after root. Can you show me a image on an complex menu tree? Maybe I’ve builded it wrong

I create a simple video wait.

Here The Video Link

thank you. but what is, when you have a lot of elements? I dont have an anchor for all, just for the first element after root.

But this is not the point of my main question. My problem ist, the combobox doesnt work, with actor. But i need actor to rotate the camera. Then my mainmenu is portrait and the game is landscape. I cant design the orientation per Map/Level/View. Only one in the project settings.

Maybe you now another way to handle the orientation, then i dont have to made it with an actor and camera.

what is your unreal version ?
if you dont have anchor i think is a bug

I’ve got one on the first element after root. Version is 4.8.1

But like i said, its not the main problem and I dont think the anchor is the problem :slight_smile: