UMG buttons not working with virtual joystick

Hi guys!
I have a question here and I believe that this will be an easy question to answer but we will see. Or so I hope.

I am having trouble with getting UMG Widget buttons to work while I also have an active Virtual Joystick.

The thing is, I cannot see why. I have checked EVYTHING. I have checked my Game Mode. I have confirmed that the buttons on the widget work fine when the virtual joystick is not on. I have confirmed that Use Mouse for Touch is enabled as well as Show Mouse Cursor, Enable Click Events and Enable touch events. I have also confirmed that his issue happens on clean new projects.

I have also downloaded a template that has the Virtual Joystick and UMG widgets working together just fine. I have been comparing my projects to it and I simply can not see what I am missing.

So if you guys was setting up a new project and you needed UMG Widgets to work with your virtual joy stick, what would the check list be?

  1. Set game mode.
  2. Enable Show Mouse Cursor, Click Events and Touch events.
  3. Create the widget itself and set up buttons on it
  4. Any necessary blueprints to urn on the widget

What am I missing? I have also looked very heavily into input focus and again can not see anything that I am missing.

Thank you in advance. And if you need any additional info to help you help me, let me know.

Bump. Anyone?

As this was one of the first google results i thought I may as well post the solution, you need to set your umg canvas behavious to not hit testable (self) and then make whatever individual umg elements (buttons etc) visible. The problem is most likely your canvas is overlapping the virtual sticks and it is receiving input before the sticks are

from this thread solved it for me!

this solved the problem for me. Thank you