Touch interface, hold button

How do I create a button?
To control the car?


Look up UMG tutorials. You create buttons using umg

With UMG?
How can I create?

Please help me. It is necessary

In the picture below, there is only one event!

Can you explain more?

If you need on clicked and on released events, I would suggest using borders instead of buttons. I am at work so I cant give you examples atm. Search for other posts about umg on these forums pal.

Thank you
My problem was solved.

My pleasure

For what it’s worth, we’ve added OnPressed and OnReleased to the Button for 4.8.

Hi NickDarnell :smiley:

Super happy to hear Onpressed and Onreleased for 4.8.
Just a heads up, how soon would you figure is the release? Im just trying to figure out if i should bother building a rigged version if its right around the corner, thanks!

Thank you.
But there is a problem!!
When I want to press a few buttons, only one of these works.

Turn off Focusable for the buttons.

Please explain more.
I can not find (Focusable)

Thank you.

There’s a property called IsFocusable on button, set it to false. It’s listed under Interaction, possibly in the Advanced section depending on what version you have.

Thank you. Problem solved.