UMG Basic Mini-Map Tutorial

We have been getting a lot of requests for a mini-map tutorial (specifically for UMG), so I went ahead a wrote one up. It is listed in the tutorials section of the UnrealEngine wiki. I hope that the helps get everyone started :-).

You can find it here: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

Make it a great day

Thank you very much! This looks really good :slight_smile:
(saving it right now :P)

Thanks man! I know i will need this some day (:

Fantastic too easy like this , thank you so mush

Is it possible for me to create rear-view mirrors and GPS maps for vehicles following the mini-map tutorial?

Yes, principle is exactly the same.

In the “MiniCam” blueprint, if I don’t change the rotation of the Y axis to -90, what should I do to the EventGraph? I think that the “Get Actor Location” and “Set Actor Location” nodes need to be “edited”.

this is for 4.6, so for now…

I had to stop when I hit the ‘2DRenderTarget’ , because I couldn’t select the correct options, I will try this later though when I update to 4.6.

@jeffmorris -> drag off the custom event and try: ‘set actor location rotation’ and then off get player pawn select both ‘get actor location’ then select off same again get ‘actor rotation’ and plug those in without splitting them and try that. (you have to click the context checkbox to see these last two in 4.5 btw, don’t know about 4.6)

should follow along like a lost puppy
ps: you can also manipulate all these nodes to get the desired effect you want

Hi, first of all, thanks for the amazing tutorial!

I managed to get the capture2D-based minimap working, so it’s amazing. However, if I want to create a 2D based minimap, any pointers on doing so?


This has helped me a lot in the process of making a camera feed display to my UI. Thanks a lot Rudy.

Awesome tutorial, very easy to follow, thx a lot !

Amazing tutorial! thanks a lot

Thanks for the tutorial

How difficult would it be to make the map clickable like an RTS?

Thank you very much, dude. Working here : )