UMG Animation improvements request


The features of Animations in UMG are a bit naive. I would like to have an event “on finished”. Right now I can only modify the C++ code or use a separate SetTimer node adjusted to the animation time. Please, expose the length of the animation at least.

Other useful thinks I miss:

  • copy&paste timeline frames and copy&paste individual keys
  • copy / reuse animations. By reuse I mean use the same animation in other set of widgets. Ideally I would like to have an object animation which could be applied to diferent sets of compatible widgets.


yeah animation classes would be really useful. Currently I can only see that animations are per-widget. However I have a rack of menu buttons that would all use the same animation style to slide onto the screen but I have to recreate them seperately.

this personally is why i haven’t touched UMG since its experimental days back in 4.5 or something.

Use iTween :wink:

Hello Dredok,

Thanks for the post. I have created feature request tickets for the following features:

  1. Add cut/paste functionality to UMG animation timeline
  2. Ability to use one animation on multiple widgets
  3. UMG animation “on finished” event
  4. UMG animaton timeline Key snapping

The jira tickets are UE-6356, UE-11687,UE-11685, and UE-11682 respectively. If I missed anything or there are any other requests just let me know and I will be sure to get those tickets in to the devs as well.


Any progress on the copy and pasting of animation tracks like you can do in the matinees? This is a serious workflow issue. Thanks.

@NickDarnell - what can we expect from upcoming UMG feature additions ? Roadmap says you guys are working on UMG improvements for AAA, but what is it exactly ? If not included in 4.11, could you give us some taste of AAA UMG ?


has this been fixed? i swore to never touch UMG until its use-able. i still haven’t touched it.

There should be some improvement in the usability of the animation editor, for instance an input field to navigate to an exact time. Also the keyframes aren’t too clear on the timeline I never know how to select one when there are multiple ones that overlap. Basically, using the editor is a trial and error approach for me and I only use it for the simplest of things like sliding menues in and out. It’s doing a good job there though, so I think with better usability, this system can become quite good.
I don’t know what the other posters use instead, I am a newcommer, so I never dealt with the HUD system which I understand is older than the UMG thing

I’d also like to add my voice to this thread.

Copying keyframes and animation tracks are a pretty basic feature of most animation systems. I find it frustrating and tedious to re-animate similar objects when I’ve already done the work to say, bring the opacity from 0 to 100, or scale an object from 0 to 1 over the same duration.

Is there any update on when these JIRA tickets might be addressed as this was entered last year?

I just started animating in UMG, and not being able to copy-paste keyframes is a big time waster. I would love to know if it will be a feature that will be soon added.

I would really like to be able to bind these values to a variable.

I am anxiously awaiting any UMG improvements (especially in the realm of animation) as well. I keep checking the Trello board. :slight_smile:

These values are already bound to a variable. By definition, tracks in the UMG editor have to animate a given property, in this case render transform translation. Just access the property and you’ll have the variable at the time it’s being animated.

its been like two years and this (basic) still haven’t been done? lol

I’d also love to see these features.

This is needed on an untold level. Please escalate this issue and have it done for 4.13. Not being able to reuse a universal animation for multiple widgets is a HUGE workflow stoppage! Good luck and thank you!

The need to reuse animations sounds like a workflow error to me. Usually if you need to have objects that use the same animation, you should be splitting those things off into their own separate widgets and making them reusable. Even if it’s just a button for example. It’s always best to build these things in a modular fashion.

You can already do copy-paste with Animation Keys and Groups of Keys, just highlight them and right-click on a key directly, and hit copy.


Obviously, you can only copy keys that are contextually relevant to each other. Trying to paste a Brush-Colour key on a ‘Colour And Opacity’ track won’t work because they’re different things.

Hey, is it possible to make public above mentioned tickets? UE-6356, UE-11687, UE-11685, and UE-11682 ?
Thanks :slight_smile:


already implemented?