UMG and Online Subsystem Blueprint Example

I remember watching a stream and seeing a umg online subsystem in blueprint. Since epic didnt release it and i got tired of waiting i made my own over a lunch break. here is the first version.


everything in umg and the online subsystem and bp’s
(currently using steam)

Version 1.0.0 project link **-only 1,003 KB !!!
**Version 1.0.0 packaged game link 99mb

Screen Shots

in the SS’s ‘RA’ is the platform name, so for a windows pc it is the username of the windows account. ‘Cube-numberandletters’ is the server name it is the pc’s actual name on the network.

There is a main menu with a single player game and multiplayer game options. You can make a single player game that is not find-able or make a multiplayer game, or join an existing one.

To test it package the game and run multiple instances of it.

This is awesome! Thanks for doing this. Quick question, screenshot #3 has the Steam overlay. On my end though, I can’t seem to get to that screen. Is there a key command or something in the setup I need to do to connect to Steam?

I was logged onto steam, then ran the ue4 editor and project and used the Play Offline option in the Multiplayer Options, I’ll ss it for you

Edit :SS of Options

Okay that worked for me. Is there a way to do that in the packaged game or is it limited to in editor only?

I haven’t figured that out yet, Were treading in quite new territory. I haven’t seen anyone messing with this stuff. If you figure it out let us know! <3

Hopefully, we can figure something out for that and I still need to figure out non lan play, like the packaged game can totally connect lan games, and lan over ip. but regular internet games i’ve yet to figure out why we cant see games. these problems might be the same problem in all honesty (out of editor steam integration and internet games not discover-able).

This is pretty sweet! Tried setting it up with my brothers to get playing on a game we are making, however we keep getting the error message when trying to ‘start Multi Game’.

Great job though can’t wait to see more versions!

Interesting! Try ticking or unticking the use lan box and trying that, sometimes it works on one but not the other. If you figure out why it’s not working let us know!

Hmmm… tried a few things still couldn’t get it to work, will continue tomorrow too see if their is a fix.

Thanks again though!

Are you migrating the blueprints ? or using the original project ? because it took a tiny bit of stuff to get the online subsystem to work. If you’re working in your own project and you migrated my bp’s you will need to edit your DefaultEngine.ini in your config folder and add this junk for it to work with steam. It’s the only online subsystem i can find info on.

Ahhh ok, this works now!

Would love too see all the new releases for this as I haven’t seen anyone else post about this yet.

Thanks again!

Hey no problem, glad people are getting use out of it.

If anyone figures things out, let us all know! I’ll be happy to include any additions/changes anyone has to the project, and give you credits!

Thanks a lot for this exemple, but could you know how to share widget information beetween player ? what i’m trying to do is a lobby system when player can wait each other before lunching the game, and then when they are at the “same” room (widget) i’d like to, for example, disable the button play only for client, or change button state to pressed in the server if the client press it etc. It could be nice if you know how to do it, because i’m stuck for 2 days now, i know that the widget are not replicated but how could i change the state of his element and update them on the both client and server side

Thanks again

Make a bool variable in the game instance blueprint and try setting it with the button like you said, then replicating it’s value. That’s what i would try first

Thank you for this example project. I have been working on this too and have been hitting a wall for the last week.

After reading this tutorial A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums
I am now convinced that the steam overlay can only be enabled through c++, So that will be my next test. I will let you know if I have success.

You can see the steam overlay working in one of the SS above, with only pure blueprint.

I am having a hard time figuring out the c++ online subsystem. the shooter game is pretty vast, and im lost.

But that screen shot is of you playing from the editor correct? I’m in the same boat as you. I don’t want to touch c++ for networking.

I haven’t been able to package a project with the steam overlay until now. I was able to put together a little test c++ project, package it, and the steam overlay now shows on my packaged game. My next test will be migrating your project in and seeing how that works.

Yep, but getting the overlay to work on steam only requires the game to be launched from steam.

i might be forgetting a step in the setting up of blueprint online subsystem in steam, next week is a stream about the online subsystem, and multiplayer games so ill inquire about it then.

Interesting keep me updated!

Have looked at your project to learn. I think I mostly get it. Can ‘play’ it, but can not launch it. It crashes in my 4.6.1.

I’m pretty certain its a problem with 4.6.1, i think i know the crash you’re talking about, it doesn’t give a crash report does it ? if it is the one im thinking of its fixed in 4.7

I was trying to get a capture of it… said something about uObject/class.h on like 2532 had something set to NULL.

I copied over the contents stuff to a 1st person template to see if I could get it to work, for the most part… though when I run a server in one window and join in another it doesn’t show the server… may be some other issue as I had problems with ‘create session’ at first. I will play with it more tomorrow