[UMG] - 4.6.1 - Mouse Drag freezing other Widgets.

Did an UMG mouse movement as suggested by Nick.

What I’ll say happens on calling this both from the Widget BP as trough a HUD event fired on C++ PlayerTick( ) being this last one “imperative over others” I guess.

Everything works fine, but if I click on a widget, hold the mouse button and “simulate” a drag, the Widget that does contain the mouse cursor simply stops updating, after I release and do a small “shake” it causes the update again.

None from my widgets has any Drag Binded, I noticed this on use a ScrollBox.

When turning my OS mouse visible again, I noticed that it shows the “real” cursor position, I doubt the PlayerController method GetMousePosition(&X, &Y) doens’t works, so I guess it’s some UMG weirdness.

Any workaround? Is this a Bug or preparation to some feature?

PS: This time I didn’t used the word BUG on tittle to avoid Tim checking just to change the post name. LOL

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On Logging both UGameviewport and after inner FViewport and trying to get the Mouse X and Y on pressing the mouse button it starts to just return the last coordinate. Since PlayerController gets his mouse from there I guess you are “locking” the mouse when it clicks a hit test visible widget.
Is there any other place where I could get “real” mouse coordinates without pass by the FReplys’ stuff used to widgets?

Since OS cursor doesn’t appears on screenshots, here is a photo:

Hello ,

I was able to reproduce the issue on my end. I have written up a report (UE-7795) and I have submitted it to the developers for further consideration. I will provide updates with any pertinent information as it become available. Thank you for your time and information. \

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Thanks Rudy, I’m really curious to see how you’ll solve this in code after (I’ll check the release source when you say it’s done). :smiley:

Any update on this?

Experiencing this myself in UMG, it’s incredibly frustrating.

Hello Anslem,

This has been recently updated to fixed in a later version of the engine. You are able to assign a custom cursor using a widget through Project Settings > User Inter face > Default Cursor in 4.7 and this method does not appear to have the same draw backs. However, there are is another known issue with this method (can cause crash in standalone mode). I hope this information helps.

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Rudy thanks by put this on the requests.

I did checked the GameViewport and PlayerController code changes to 4.7 and there are not just method changes GetMousePosition( ) as also a GetMouseDelta( ) comming. :smiley:

Now just waiting for the release! Thanks!

Now 4.7, but the problem persists. :frowning:

Hello ,

In 4.7 if you would like to apply a custom mouse you can go to project settings > User Interface > Default Cursor

You may also want to try changing the click behavior to be a precise click, or on down…etc. Conditions that wouldn’t require capturing the mouse for multiple frames. I hope this information helps.

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Works pretty well there is a small “adjust” described here link text to don’t cut the image, but now anyone can get a custom mouse in around 10 minutes.

Thanks and congratulate the all engine guys by this! It’s great!


Thanks a lot Rudy for the work on this, and to you for the write up and the guide, most helpful!

None of this solves the real problem which is, if you need the mouse updated, the Unreal Drag&Drop functionality is useless. And the developers said that they wont change this. So this is a bummer.