UMG - 2 dimension scroll window?

This is NOT a “I can’t figure out how to use the scroll box” question. I understand them and work with them just fine.

I’m looking to implement a standard 2-D scrollable window in UMG. For example, a map image that is larger than the screen in both x and y dimensions that need to have controls for the player to scroll around and look at it. It doesn’t seem that the current scroll box widgets support more than 1-D scrolling, and I tried embedding one of them in another (one set vert and the other horizontal), but this creates a very kooky effect.

Is there some widget that accomplishes this that I’m missing? Or does this need to be implemented in C++? Anyone already done this, if so? Seems like an obvious need.

Re-asking this since I didnt get any answers. Surely someone has dealt with this obvious issue?