Ultimate Touch Components v2 – swipe, pinch to zoom, virtual joysticks and much more


](Ultimate Touch Components in Blueprints - UE Marketplace)

Hey everyone!

This is Version 2.0 of ex-CustomTouchControls asset. New version is available at the same marketplace page, but with new name, because changes are very major and previous name can’t represent all new abilities.

This is highly customizable, easy to use mobile touch components for Unreal Engine 4. You can easily add swipes, pinch to zoom, pan and rotate gestures or virtual joysticks with many different behaviours to your existing characters or actors.

A lot of configuration options will help you gain full control for behaviour tweaking and visual representation. It was started as part of a mobile game and will also continue to evolve along with the game. You can watch the progress of the development of the asset and vote for desired features on special trello board.

Features (v2.0):
• Virtual Joysticks with different behaviours: fixed, floating, single-axis (sliders), pads, etc;
• Swipe Gestures: unidirectional, omnidirectional, eight directional;
• Pinch gestures: zoom, pan and rotate;
• Components compatibility: you can use joystick for movement, swipe or slider for jumping, pad for orientation and pinch to zoom camera together for one pawn;
• Flexible configuration: priorities, bounds, unlimited count of components for one actor/pawn;
• Auto adjustment if screen size or orietation is changed;
• Ability to use UMG Widgets (with animations) as Joystick skins;
• DPI dependent magnitude scaling;
• Visual debug drawing;


TP Character controls tutorial:

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If you have released games made with UE4 and UTC, please let me know! =)

If I buy old version, I will also receive new version?

Sure, but better wait for update release, because it changed a lot.

Guys, update was approved and released! Enjoy!

Thanks for these.

Sweet! Is it easy to integrate into any mobile game?

Sure. It’s very easy - look at the tutorial video. If you will have a questions, feel free to ask me here.

Sorry guys, but by some unknown reason, epic games didn’t updated project itself. I already wrote them about some issues with update release. Please wait a little bit.
It’s already fixed =)

any update on getting the project fixed? I purchased this, but currently can’t use it.

I’m still waiting official answer from marketplace support.

Dear buyers! All issues with package downloading via launcher were fixed by marketplace support team! Enjoy it and feel free to ask me any question.

P.S. Please be sure you have cleaned the cache before trying to create a new project!

Hi Acrossfy,

I did got your package and it’s interesting for projects requiring inputs in specific areas and multi-touch. I especially like what you have done for rotation/pan/zoom, however I have a few comments:

  1. as I understand, your system is not compatible with the UE4 input system when defining AxisMapping and ActionMapping: for instance, I already have Axis Mapping like LookUp, Turn, etc… and my project is set to use those input events. Now, if I want to use your system, I can not insert any of your events as a mapping inside the UE4 Mapping System (cf Project Settings / Input) to trigger my events

  2. in the same spirit, if I have previously defined special ActionMapping, like Fire, FireSpecial, ShowMenu etc… I can not map your events to the UE4 Mapping System, hence I am forced to add 1 event from your system to each of my action to trigger it… It does not feel right.

I wonder If somehow, you can create a configuration BP where for instance, when your system detect an event (gesture, touch, etc), you trigger a common UE4 event (like Touch1, Touch2, etc). It would avoid messing with our projects and would be even easier to integrate.

PS: note that I am developping on multiple platforms, hence my desire to keep a unified Mapping System for my applications…


Additional Comment: it would be nice to also have a built-in EventClick… even though we can do it ourselve using Pressed and Released event

Hello ,
You are right - each component has it’s own events. Just to be clear - it’s not possible to trigger common ue4 events (like gamepad events) from blueprints. So it’s not possible to connect this system to existing mapping due to ue4 limitations.
Anyway thank you for your feedback.

Hi Acrossfy!

Are you planning to add gyro and accelerometer support for your awesome product?

Hello OnlyOneLab,
It’s already exists in UE4. It’s less documentated but exists) The following links might be helpful:

Hello Acrossfy!
I want to ask - can I use joystic to move and UMG button (run and shoot, for example) at the same time?

Hello Amberllich,
sure, you can do it without any problems)

Awesome! Sorry to bother you, but any special settings needed?
I just recently bought your solution, start clean “side scroller” preset, add joystic, add some “fire” function to character blueprint, create widget, add button and on pressed event call my fire function from character…and got fail. I can only run or fire at same time. When I run and press fire button at the same time joystick just deactivates :frowning:

Sorry for bad English. Thanks again for reply :slight_smile:

Sorry, I forgot to say that you should uncheck “Is Focusable” option in your “Button” properties. It should works for you. Let me know if it doesn’t.

It helps! Thank you very much!