Ultimate Material Function Library - Progress. Thoughts?

Hello, guys!

This is the first post I’ve made in years…

I and a friend have been working on a material library this past week, and even though there’s still a lot more to cover (we aim to make 200-250 functionalities and currently have about 100), we were wanting to share a bit of progress with you guys and get your feedback and perhaps a price suggestion if we decide to put it up the marketplace?

We’re trying to be as abstract and modular as possible, to facilitate material creation so that idealy, most of your materials are easy and fast to create, like this:

Please take into considerations that all textures used in the preview are the Engine’s default/Starter Content. We will be integrating our own textures (2k resolution sets) after finishing the functionalities :).


What type of material-functionalitiess would you guys be looking to find in a library like this one?

Thank you for your time!

Time consuming tasks each time we encounter is transitioning between different shaders on the same object in a nice way.
it would be nice to have some kind of framework which provide building blocks for such effects.