UI is too dark. Add ability to lighten it up a little

The new darker theme of the UE5 interface is difficult on my eyes. My eyes are straining to find color difference since a lot of them are to close to being the exact same value. One example is that Tabs in the static mesh browser, from having multiple static meshes open, barely read as a separate color from the surrounding background color. Just moving my head up or down a little can cause the tab color to be basically indistinguishable and all I notice is the text from the different static mesh tabs.

Another example is the little black line that appears to separate the “advanced” parameters from the standard ones when the little arrow is expanded up or down revealing them. I can barely see that black line causing my eyes to strain to find it.

A way to globally brighten up the interface I think would help.


You can fix this yourself, there is a theme editor, go to editor settings at the top next to the Active Theme drop down click the pencil (edit) icon.


You can fix this yourself, there is a theme editor

I have nothing useful to add, just want to say this is freaking awesome. Thanks to Epic for prioritizing the editor UX for this release, it’s a really huge improvement IMO.

@LumberingTroll- Thank you very much for the info. This sounds great.

Any time, glad to help.

I just wish I could change the colour of the tooltips, they’re kinda dazzling as is.