UI Elements disappear in packaged project

Hello Everyone!
I’ve got a strange issue with project packaging. I’m using “Line trace by channel” to determine if the player is looking at an object. And if it is true, some UI is drawn on the screen (depending on the object). It’s working just fine in the editor, but not in the packaged project.

Everything else works fine. I can interact with objects and the rest of the UI is showing up on the screen perfectly.

Take a look at those assets in the reference viewer. Is there something that depends upon them? ( ie, something on the left )

What assets do you mean? If you’re talking about a widget, that didn’t appear in the packaged demo, yes it has a few interactive items, a player character, and a game mode

Ok, that’s weird. If the things on the left are making it, then the widget should also…

EDIT: I also saw this:


and more recently:

It’s something like this I think, the system is not seeing it as needed for some reason.

Thank you, for the help!
The second link got me thinking. Solved it by excluding Game Mode Blueprint from the process altogether, and creating UI Function in the Character instead.


I’m having a similar issue, I’m using line trace by object, I’ve applied both the solutions (i.e 1. save the variables to a save game and 2. create UI function in character only) but UI still does not show in packaged project.

- In editor

- packaged proj.