UI / Background Image / Blue turns to Green?


I’ve just been following the UE4 guide for creating a main menu. I wanted to just drop in a placeholder image so I did the following…

Created a 1920x1080 image in Photoshop.
Filled the background layer to be a shade of blue.
Added some text to indicate it was placeholder.
Chose “Quick Export as PNG”

Imported the image into Unreal
Select the Brush for the Image on the Canvas and selected my image (texture).

Run the game, my screen is bright green instead of blue.

Any thoughts?

I wondered if it was something to do with the layers in Photoshop, so ran the same process again but this time selected the background and text layers and merged them prior to the Quick Export as PNG. Same result.

Here’s a screenshot from the UI, you can see it already looks weird…


In the Content Browser the thumbnail appears blue. In the “Image” property above it appears blue. But for the “Brush” it appears green and renders green when the game is run.

Somewhat baffled… :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance for any help

Hmmm, isn’t that always the way, you invest ages writing a post, fiddle with one thing and then get it working… sigh

So… I went to File / Save As and chose PNG, imported that, and it works fine…

The one noticeable difference in the properties if I double click the imported image within Unreal is that on the one that didn’t work the “sRGB” tick box is unticked and you cannot actually tick it. On the image that did work, this property is ticked.

I have no real idea of what this does or what “alpha channels” are but it seems to be a noticeable difference…

Whilst it is working, if anyone can shed any light on this that would be great - thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks mate!

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Try double click your image in UE4 and change the compression setting from normal map to default. Once your image looks like normal map, it will change the compression setting to normal map automatically.