Uh? Niagara Straight Broke or?

What’s up with Niagara and simply spawning a single particle as a burst? At least 1 out of 5 times, the particle either doesn’t show up and the spawn count is 0 particles or it doesn’t show up and the spawn count is 1 particle. Either way, the 4 other times, it shows up. This is as simple of an emitter as I can get. One sprite spawned with a burst. It is COMPLETELY unreliable and I can’t see why. Is this resolved in 4.22?

NOTE: This is only during GPU simulation. It’s not the bounds scale. I set that to huge values and it’s the same. It’s something to do with a duplicate of an emitter residing in a single system. The first emitter added always spawns. The second emitter added that’s a dupe (copied/pasted or NOT) is unreliable and fails to spawn.

It’s no longer 1 out of 5 is a fail. It’s now more like one out of 20 is a success.

There’s a bug with multiples of the same emitter in a single system I think.