Ugly Temporal AA Ghosting for Foliage with Speedtree Wind but No Problems with SImpleGrassWind

Video Demo

As you can see, no issues with SimpleGrassWind, but ugly ghosting with Speedtree wind. Both are working on World Position Offset, so what gives? I’ve checked and unchecked both the velocity outputs options, no combination yields any noticeable difference.

This is my material setup for the speedtree. It is as imported.

My other relevant settings are :

r.TemporalAA.Algorithm = “0”
r.TemporalAASamples = “4”
r.TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight = “0.2”
r.BasePassOutputsVelocity = “1”
r.BasePassForceOutputsVelocity = “1”

Now, the solution I’m looking for has to include independent branch movement unlike what is available with SimpleGrassWind. If the Speedtree node is the problem I’m willing to abandon it, if I can get this. Also I’ve noticed that no game shipped with UE4 has this issue. So clearly I’m missing something - probably an alternate foliage wind workflow. Any pointers in the right direction will help. Thanks.