Ugg so confused!!

Hello, Its me again! A nother topic I cant find so I had to open this Thread guys…But Blender and UE4 do not match very well…WAY to many FBX issues…SO I was thinking of getting Maya LT or Substance Designer & Substance Painter…But never tryed these…Maya LT has a 25,000 poly Limit and MANY other items LESS then FULL Maya…But I cant afford Full Maya…Any advice? I feel screwed…UGGGG I need content!!! :*(

Im so flustrated…What is a 25,000 Poly limit?? Does that mean Cartoon looking stuff?? Im disabled and trying to FINALLY get a career doing this but it SUCKS having a AAA game Engine but NO Antimation & modeling & content makers…DAZ3D is Limited also :frowning:

This is my last post for a while guys, Please dont get ****** at me…I know Im over my head but I need to do this…

I had much the same question in THIS thread

*Full support for all of Maya’s 3D modeling tools including NURBS and subdivision surfaces

Includes Maya’s Hypershade surface editor

Includes ShaderFX for the creation of HLSL and CGFX shaders

Export to FBX format of up to 25,000 polygons per scene (but the .mlt format allows denser meshes within Maya LT) - This has changed to 65K](

Supports import of .ma, .mb (Maya ASCII and binary formats), .mlt (Maya LT format), OBJ and FBX 3D formats

Supports import of AI and EPS structures drawings as objects

Supports import of BMP, PNG, DDS, EXR, TGA, and TIFF as textures

Supports use of (and export of) normal maps

Skeleton generator

Autodesk HumanIK inverse kinematics - Maya official post]( Says that they added to this somehow

DX11 viewport previews with DX11 shading

Full lighting and global illumination

Texture baking based off of Autodesk Turtle

Rendering of 2D image sprites

Does not support external renderers; cannot render ‘scenes’ or animations

No MEL support, and currently no plugin support or SDK. *According to Maya official post]( **Mel is integrated for subscribers now **

**Source **Toms Hardware](,24010.html) - This is a 2013 post

You could get the student version of 3DS Max for free to convert the UE4 models to .OBJ then open the .OBJ file in Blender. But you might as well figure out how to model in 3DS max.

There’s no doubt that Maya gets more love from the Epic folks than other 3D programs, and understandably so. In the world of AAA game shops, Maya is king.

But, FBX is a well-supported file format and Blender works quite well with it, it just takes some patience. I haven’t had good luck getting it to import models rigged to the Hero armature. It looks like Blender is adding an additional root node, which confuses the importer. I’ve found a way to disable this with the older ASCII exporter, but not with the newer binary exporter.

However, after a lot of struggling, I’ve come up with a pretty good workflow for getting models and animations from Blender into UE4 as long as I’m not trying to match an existing armature that wasn’t also exported from Blender. I’ll probably throw together a tutorial over the weekend if I can find time.

I spent about four days pulling my hair out trying to come up with a good Blender -> UE4 workflow, but I’ve finally got something that works. Blender is a good program and with a little patience and determination, you can do everything you need for creating game models and animations with it.

Not true, Epic made a single tool for Maya, and the reason they don’t make it for 3ds Max is that 3ds Max already has rigging tools that do the same thing. As far as program use, Maya is preferred for making animations but many studios use 3ds Max as their primary tool for modeling for games.

Thanks guys , really :slight_smile:

If I got MudBox and Maya LT would I be setup to make EVERYTHING? If not , What am I missing?

It depends on what you’re making. You definitely need a general 3D program like Maya, 3ds Max, or Blender. After that there are particular tools that can help in certain situations. Mudbox is for sculpting and for painting textures directly onto the mesh.

And as someone said earlier, if you’re a high school or college student then Autodesk has a site where you can register and get free educational licenses of their major software programs for free.

I can say this much about my project…Im building a FULL size open world…No people Or buildings…Just Earth it self…Ill figure out the rest later…Blender is easy to use but riggings and exporting to UE4 is error filled and dont work…

  1. I have Gimp
  2. Mudbox
  3. Apec Cloth and Nvidia tools
  4. World Machine
  5. Maya LT
  6. Blender
  7. UE4

Is this a full company setup? Or is there something else needed? I’ll add Sound later*

If you’re just starting out, I’d just start working with a single 3D program and try to learn the basics and then look into other programs only when you find out you need them. I’ve tried to restrict most of what I do to just 3ds Max and Photoshop. The other stuff can be a bit distracting until you know what you’re doing with the basics.

I can afford Photoshop…But 3ds max or full maya is way out of my money range LOL…Thanks for the help…(This is my Career so I have to do ALL of it at once) I cant afford to hire help LOL…

Is photoshop , Mudbox and Blender Compatiable?

Yes, of course. They ultimately export to file formats that are compatible in any of those types of programs. Texture maps, .obj is used for moving geometry between your main 3D program and a sculpting program.

Thank you…I hope I have not bugged or annoyed you Darthviper or anyone else…Its hard doing this solo, Thank you for caring and helping me!! IF I ever get published I’ll remember ya’ll :wink:

hmm. Im using Blender. Actually I only have a Problem with a skeletal mesh where a frame seems to be missing. Epic is in talk with the Blender Cracks out there to fix it. So focus on other things for now (Im building my City at the moment instead of animating) . I bet u have tons of things to do besides the animation stuff. Get back when Epic releases a fix… I bet they will come up with a super duper hyper deluxe mega FBX brainwashed awesomeness pipeline. or something like that… dont give up.

Oh. And 3ds Max. Good thing though. but you MUSTNT use it commercially… I`m also in the Student section. The Licenses are kind of “Watermarked” …

Stick to blender if you dont have money (or want to spend some). It`s as simple as that :wink:

Thanks TwentyEight :slight_smile: I think Ill start on sculpting and making content and go with your advice, Wait on the Animating and Rigging… :slight_smile:

Check bro \m/ :smiley:

Which kind of fbx issues do you have? In my case everything works fine :slight_smile:

When I`m exporting the Anim there seems to be missing Information between 2 Frames. This “Gap” of Information (in my Case) is allways in the forelast and the key before. Dunno why. Sent the model to the Epic Team. Maybe they will have a solution…

@fighter… or maybe you wanna have a look at my Model ? :wink:

I can take a look at it, because I think epic games doesn’t have so much experience with blender :stuck_out_tongue: