UFO Light (question).

Hey guys, I’ve just come from Unity as I want my game to be with Unreal now.
I had working Volumetric Lights for the UFO.

I have posted an image of what I am trying to accomplish.
I understand that a lot of people say to use a Mesh, but the thing is.
The light fades in an out (Red To Dark).

I don’t see how a Mesh can work with this idea.
As it has to calculate Shadow Maps, attenuation, etc.

For simple lights the Mesh idea would be ideal, but this needs to be dynamic (Red to Dark fading in and out).
But it’s not just that, but how would I mold the light beam as a model to match the terrain perfectly? Seems like that’s not an exact ideal solution.

Is there (ANY) possible way to do this with a Spotlight?
Or if anyone can point me into any insights that may help me better understand how I can model a mesh to achieve the effect in the image.


You could use the “mesh system” and controle the effect of fading colors in the materials with a sine
and you can do it by adding fog and activating the "light shaft "

hope i helped you , have a good day :smiley:

I don’t think that there is an option for light shafts with anything other than directional lights. :frowning:

You will definitely have to use a mesh.
Would something like this get you started in the right direction?