UELinkerFixups.cpp: fatal error C1853 while packaging

Hello everyone. When packaging my project i run on this fatal error: UELinkerFixups.cpp: fatal error C1853: ‘…\Development\UELinkerFixups\PCH.UELinkerFixups.h.pch’ precompiled header file is from a previous version of the compiler, or the precompiled header is C++ and you are using it from C (or vice versa).

As this (c1853) error is common for me, i just did usual steps: cleaned project and rebuild sources manually. But this didn`t help either did generating project files for Visual Studio and building sources again. NOTE: this error only occurs while packaging. In regular compiling everything is fine.

UE 4.18.2 and Visual Studio version is 15.5.2 (Community 2017)

Finally fix it. Close UE4, delete Intermediate and Saved folders. Then rebuild project.