UEFN Update April 18

Hi Folks! Each week, we’ll be including PC-only updates to the Fortnite client improving Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN). When you open the Epic Games Launcher after the update window, you will see that you have a download pending.

The update this week includes the following fixes and changes:

-Fixed an issue with Fortnite Gallery assets disappearing after the last update. If you did not save while the assets weren’t shown or you have a backup, your island will migrate to the correct assets. You will need to save the actors again to clean up validation issues upon upload.

-‘Push Verse changes’ will now be reliable across starting/stopping the game during editing.

-Fixed a crash with Ziplines in Creative.


Win Condition is buggy in UEFN.
I had to set it in Fortnite while the Session was started in order to get the correct Settings.

When will the bug be fixed that you can’t join uefn edit session from fortnite


Hi there @XDNinjaboyYT and @4ndreDe could you please use the bug report form? Thank you! Creative and UEFN Bug Submission Form