Creative and UEFN Bug Submission Form

The Bug Submission form is now LIVE. We now have a new way for you to report bugs for both the Fortnite Creative Toolset and Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN). With the new bug reporting form you can submit your bugs with the option to include your logs (strongly encouraged) so we can better track down your issue. You can access this form from UEFN or via this LINK. If you access it through UEFN, your logs will automatically be generated for upload.

Read HERE for more information.


What’s the point of the form? Forums seem much better as they are public and have upvotes.

Anyway, should we stop using forums for bug reports?

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Hi Kamyker,

The Forums are still a good place for discussing bugs. (and potential workarounds)

The bug reporting form helps QA/Support reproduce the bug and enter it into the bug tracking database.


Creative 2.0/UEFN Maps do not have game chat which is irritating for maps such as for socialising or trying to find new friends, aswell as changing booths not working. I know that these 2 issues are main issues why people are not uploading/converting their map to 2.0, stopping them from alot of possibility that UEFN offers.

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When I try to sign up as Island creator It shows me the following error-

“The creator’s Epic account: 1) must be at least 30 days old before applying; and at least 7 of the last 30 days must have included time editing in Fortnite Creative, Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) and/or Unreal Engine.”

I have spent more than 7 days editing in Fornite creative and UEFN. But it still shows this error.

Is there a way to fix this?

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What happens if i can’t find the essential things to help report a issue? Like I’ve been trying to find a reference code for a bug when i don’t have access to UEFN?