UEFN Persistence Announcement

Hello Private Alpha Testers,

Due to unforeseen issues, we have had to disable the Save Point Device and persistence options across devices in UEFN for the Public Beta release. Unfortunately, any devices using persistence related settings will fail to save data between sessions. Devices will still remain available in the content browser, though understand that persistence options will not work and attempting to use them could cause issues with your project. This includes the following devices:

  • Save Point Device
  • Switch
  • Tracker
  • Timer

We recognize that this is suboptimal news and may have a negative impact on the projects you have been developing for the UEFN Public Beta release. We encourage you to shift your focus to projects that will not rely on these features while we work to address the issues at hand.


Is there a roadmap/timescale for adding this functionality back into UEFN?
I would love to use UEFN for my game, but can’t without persistence.


Hi there, is persistence still something we need to avoid? Thanks

Yes, just in case any others come across this thread. They are still TODO.

I’m sure we’ll see it clearly in an update changelog when they’re fixed. We can see those updates here: What's New in Unreal Editor for Fortnite

Has persistence been added or do we still need to avoid?

hi there, any update or eta??

Hello, curious as well as to where persistence is dev wise. All the best good luck