[UEFN] Failed to update for upload without error

Hi all, while I was editing my map in UEFN I tried to push the changes getting this error, usually the problem was indicated in the output log while now there are no errors, not even in the message log. It was all working until a few minutes ago and my map changes are just adding spawn pads.

Hi there! I’ve moved this over to the bug reporting forum to get some eyes on it. Are you still having this problem after a restart?

@nappid97 can you post a screenshot of the Message Log?

Hi guys, I solved it by joining the project with another team member and there were no more problems, the restart hadn’t worked. As far as the message log was concerned, only warnings about a too large texture were empty. Thanks anyway for the help

I’m having the same exact issue But I cannot get out of it. Please someone help i’ve tried restarting and everything.

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Me too, failed to upload sources for module…