UE5 World Partition can not delete landscape

When I enable world partition feature and create new landscape I can not remove it from world outliner. Does anyone else encounter this issue?

Also I can not change material on landscape but I can change it on every streaming proxy. Is it intended behavior?


I also experienced this issue. I had to delete the whole map just to recreate the landscape!

Same here

Same issue on UE5-early-access source build

Any new solution to this? I’ve started laying geometry, but need to replace the landscape from desert to mountains, Ready to import the new landscape but I can’t delete the desert one.


We ran into a lot of cases of undeletable assets, and ended up writing an editor utility widget to do it. It can be unstable every once in a while, but seems to do the trick most of the time.


Just wanted to say thanks for the Editor Utility Widget trick. That saved me a lot of hassle. :slight_smile:

omg that worked !! TY !!
i was so frustrated in 2 days … and i barely know BP and this nailed it and teached me how powerful the BPs are :))

hopefully others will find this awesome trick on force deleting some problems … it works for proxies too.