UE5 World Partition can not delete landscape

When I enable world partition feature and create new landscape I can not remove it from world outliner. Does anyone else encounter this issue?

Also I can not change material on landscape but I can change it on every streaming proxy. Is it intended behavior?


I also experienced this issue. I had to delete the whole map just to recreate the landscape!

Same here

Same issue on UE5-early-access source build

Any new solution to this? I’ve started laying geometry, but need to replace the landscape from desert to mountains, Ready to import the new landscape but I can’t delete the desert one.


We ran into a lot of cases of undeletable assets, and ended up writing an editor utility widget to do it. It can be unstable every once in a while, but seems to do the trick most of the time.


Just wanted to say thanks for the Editor Utility Widget trick. That saved me a lot of hassle. :slight_smile:

omg that worked !! TY !!
i was so frustrated in 2 days … and i barely know BP and this nailed it and teached me how powerful the BPs are :))

hopefully others will find this awesome trick on force deleting some problems … it works for proxies too.

----From source code UE5 EA2,we can see:

–inheritance relations:
AISMPartitionActor : public APartitionActor;
ALandscapeProxy : public APartitionActor;

–call tree:

–APartitonActor::IsUserManaged() overrided:
bool APartitionActor::IsUserManaged() const{
if (GetLevel()->bIsPartitioned){return false;}
return true;

–So we can see:
A partition actor is managed by engine: it will be saved to seperated asset file to ExternalActors Folder instead of to be serrialized to umap file,so it can’t be deleted by user; An AStaticMeshActor can be deleted by user,because it has seperate asset file always…

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you can expand the landscape in the outliner, select all pieces > edit > delete, then you will be able to delete the landscape as usual


I have been able to delete the landscape by selecting all pieces and right-clicking and selecting delete, but then a few minutes later and after creating a new landscape the old one just pups up and I’m not able to delete it. My solution is to, unfortunately, delete the whole level and create a new one, the issue is when you have other assets in the world you will, unfortunately, lose it. I don’t know if there is an effective workaround without the widget trick, if there is, then I’m open to suggestions.

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Yeah, this is the solution, just delete all the landscape streaming proxies under the landscape actor and then delete the landscape actor.


Hi I’m new to Unreal. I created a new blank project (Games > Blank Project) but I cannot delete the landscape.

I have read that the world partition landscape in the (Games > Blank Project) cannot currently be deleted in UE5 unless you select all the pieces from the outliner and delete them.

So I expanded the landscape folder and deleted all of the pieces and then saved the project but when I closed the Project and Reopened the project the landscape pieces (all the mountains) were still there like in the image below. I am not sure why they didn’t stay deleted when I saved after deleting them.

Has anyone else had this problem and how did they solve it? Thanks.


Just popping u to say that after one year this bug is still here.
And it’s not a small thing, because you find yourself with 2 terrains if you add another one.
I am new to UE so I can’t say, but this is blocking me from proceeding with tutorials and my project.


For anyone who hits this bug again: it is possible that it’s the temporary LandscapeStreamingSomething that blocks the process.
I closed the editor, reopened it.
Found this object (it wasn’t visible before), and deleted it.
After that, the landscape could be deleted.
Again I’m just a noob here in UE so this could have been just a coincidence, but anyway.

I have encountered this problem with UE 5.0.2.

I’ve tried all the workarounds from prior posts on this thread except for the Blueprint script, which I saved for last because the person posting it said it might cause stability issues.

Restarting the editor did not help, nor did pre-deleting the streaming proxy Actors, nor did a combination of those two steps (pre-delete, restart).

I think we have a bug here.

The Blueprint script posted in this thread worked for me, but shortly after saving my changes UE 5.0.2 crashed. When I restarted the editor, though, the unwanted Actors were still gone, so I’m calling it a success overall. Thanks for sharing this trick – I didn’t realize a Blueprint DestroyActor call went beyond what the editor’s context menu does.

I’ve also reported the bug to Epic about being unable to delete World Partition landscapes.

In UE5 5.0.2 I am able to delete all of the LandscapeStreamingProxy items under the Landscape in the Outliner and then the Landscape item itself.
I then save the Level and exit.
I restart the editor and the LandscapeStreamingProxies are now bumped up one level to the root of the Outliner list. They don’t get deleted from the ExternalActors folder.
I select them again and delete them again. And save and restart again, and fingers crossed they are now gone. Usually.
However, the files still remain in the ExternalActors folders. Epic BADLY needs a “Clean” commandlet for the OFPA system. It’s basically broken the way it is now.

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Has this been submitted as a formal bug report though? Unlikely they will even look at it if none of you reporting have done this yet.

Yes, I submitted the formal report on June 13 (see my previous post in this thread). The subject line was “Unable to permanently delete Landscape and its streaming proxies from World Partition level”, and Unreal confirmed it as case number 00449630. I have not received further communication from them, and as of today I am not able to find this issue with a search in the bug tracking system.