UE5 Widget Blueprints Crashing Issue

Hello, I’m working on a prototype with a turn-based RPG battle system in UE 5.0.3 and have run into a major error I’m unsure of how to deal with.

I was setting up widgets blueprints to display the party information (HP, MP that kinda stuff) during combat, and suddenly during the process, opening 3 specific widgets causes the project to crash. (no other widgets or anything else does this and earlier in the project the widgets blueprints opened fine.) I’m unable to open them to see what the cause might be, and I can’t delete them to start over as that also causes UE to crash. I exported a build to see if that might identify the issue, and while the error message appears, I’m unsure what may be required to fix it.

Has anyone encountered something similar/have any suggestions of what I should do to trouble shoot it?