Ue5 why video card requrement so high & expensive?

My concern to many POOR users out there regarding UE5. All of the sudden after waiting to really dive into UE5 features the Graphic requirements will block a lot of users. That in my opinion is wrong, users should be able to install UE5 and run it with minimum Graphic cards out there and not necessarily Nvidia GeForce 2080…etc. Not many people can ever afford those expensive cards. Looking back all the way to UDK/UE4 days everyone was able to access the package regardless. Not any more UE5 demands high-end graphic cards which to me is a bit crazy. Use we still have access to UDK/UE4 but that’s not the point. EPIC Games is about sharing not EPIC Games suddenly trying to put on a different Jacket…come on!.

UE5 doesn’t require a high-end GPU. My GPU is old and it still runs UE5 at same performance as UE4. Just disable the new stuff and you’ll have UE4 performance again. UE5 is a lot more than just graphics.

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There are two things going on here:

  1. Progress moves on
  2. Editors need more than games

So, for 1), currently, UE5 runs best on high-end hardware, because it targets the latest generation of consoles, and the latest generation of PC hardware. That’s what it does – if you want a simpler game engine, I can highly recommend Godot, which does a great job of lower-end platforms.
That being said – when UE4 came out, it, too, targeted then-high-end systems. As time moved on, hardware got better, faster than UE4 increased its requirements, so, relatively speaking, UE4 became more and more accessible.

For 2), it will always be the case that an editor requires more power than the target. And when you target high-end systems, the editor needs to be ultra-high-end. If this is not what you want to target, then UE5 is not for you! Just like, if you don’t need to move 3 metric tons of goods, an 18-wheeler truck probably isn’t for you, either.

UE4 is still around. You can still use it. The code is there, so you can support yourself forever on top of it. If that’s a better match for your needs, use that!


@ jwatte:
THANK YOU FOR THE COMMENTS. Sir what will ever possess me to use “Godot”?. There are other better options top of the list UE4 and or UE5. I am still gonna use UE5 and disable features I don’t need. You could have suggested that instead of " highly recommend Godot".
Progress moves on => of course but not at the expense of users not capable to meet targeted high-end systems. EPIC has been so excellent for not necessarily requiring high-end systems from UDK to where we are now. New features were always intruced some really good others not so good. UE5 is sweet at a price target high-end systems and even though system requirements are as clear as day the “high-end new features” should not be installed by default rather [enable/disable] option viewport. For example right now, UE5 “Dynamic Global Illumination Method”, “Reflection Method: Screen Space”…etc when disabled works fine. Futhermore UE5 is not final release and still in BETA mode so why discouraging for example new users without so-called “high-end systems”? it’s silly. That’s not EPIC Games way. Let EPIC Games continue to keep the door open for everyone “high-end systems or not”.

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No, I would not suggest that, because I wouldn’t recommend that path based on my experience.

Anyway, as you already know what to do, glad you’re making progress, and good luck with your game!

Hmm OK. truly appreciative and thanks for the comments.

You don’t know what you’re talking about.
UE5 is very demanding. Not just because of the ‘new stuff’.
My UE4 project with all the ‘new staff’ disabled (not using those anyway), PAKAGED through UE5 runs -40fps compared to PACKAGED through UE4.
Can you explain that, fan boy?

My system isn’t high-end. My GPU is an Nvidia 1660 Super. It runs fine for the most part. Anything less for gaming in general and you’re going to have to lower settings I think.

I’d say it gives me an advantage, because anything I make will probably run well for most people. I don’t have to test for that later. I’d still like a 3070 but I have a pretty good awareness now of limitations compared to if I had always had one.

There isn’t anything I need to disable. I have Lumen on.
Didn’t realize that, but it’s been fine; explains why everything looks great. In other projects I have it off. Without a high-end system I can see where people may get discouraged because of things we run into. But it’s probably not as big as it seems. Don’t need a 3080. For development there are some upgrades we probably should have, or may want to have, nothing major though.

Fortnite for example, may not be testing enough on non high-end systems because I’ve always had to lower too many settings compared to other games. :face_with_monocle: Something to ponder.

You know I gave up that high-end stuff right from the get-go because not everyone is on that level regardless. I look back to previous EPIC releases and clearly the organization is no longer practicing what it preaches. Talking about they want everyone to succeed…Ya right! why UE5 System requirement so out of reach for so many poor users?
I cannot for the life of me in these hard times we are living why EPIC failed to provide a lower end UE5. Any developer and or high-end gamer interested in the high-end features by all means can access them. Nvidia is not helping either with their ridiculous Video-cards prices. Nvidia is afraid to lose by providing inexpensive cards for the poor under $300 that can run UE5 reasonably. What are we becoming these days? I simply use UE4 and avoid UE5. Not everyone needs UE5 anyway… :frowning: