UE5 Video Media player not working properly

Have the same issue. Electra is no longer working

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I can’t believe it’s been half a year and this problem hasn’t been resolved I still can’t play the media player and video


Can’t play my image sequence in Build. Tried everything but its still not working. Would be great to fix this bug …

This fixed it for me. Thanks!

worked for me too

Hey everyone.

So, I’ve ran into the same issue as everyone else (audio on Quest Packaged Build plays, but video gives white screen), and tried to follow the steps in this thread.

After enabling the Apple Plugin once, I now have the fantastic situation that my video still won’t play, but also any Media Player will crash on trying to load any video.

Can anyone tell me how to “undo” the Apple Plugin activation as far as possible / necessary? What do I have to delete to stop UE5 from crashing any time I try to open an MP4 in Media Player?

Thank you all so much for your help in advance,


Hey ! I found this video : Unreal Engine 5 Video not playing on Media Player fix issue 1000% Working Trick Fix UE5 Media Videos - YouTube
He uses Electra Plug In
It worked 1000% for me (as he said)