UE5 UWP Xbox

I took a look at the matrix tech demo and seen that its ue5 on xbox and just wondering does UE5 have a uwp xbox fork available ?
Does any source branches have xbox support ?
or will UE5 have native support upon full release ?

I would steer away from UWP builds/branches, etc. When UWP with UE4 was coming online I spent considerable time and energy to make it work. You may already know, there is a UWP thread with plenty of my postings. On the Xbox, performance was in the dirt and rendering quality was terrible. It worked on the desktop but that wasn’t my target.

Xbox should be completely open for everyone. There is a posting on Microsoft’s site that states native development is open for everyone. However, no one seems to know about it. I will look for it. I may have an email to Epic with the link in it.

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Looking at the underlined text again, it indicates that if you are building for the PC you also need Console access. That does seem obstructive on Microsoft’s part. I wouldn’t put it past them though. I am hoping that access for both the PC & Console is opened to everyone.

thanks for the info, i applied to the console form and now waiting a response from epic for gdk on unreal.

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Hi @ShadowStar_Games and @anonymous_user_537a337d,

I had a lot to do with the early 4.19.3 UWP and trying to get things working.

The XBOX GDK etc can be found at microsoft/GDK: Microsoft Public GDK (github.com)

Beware this is only for The Xbox Series X and you need to have an ID@xbox.com account, which means you have an agreed game.

The UE5 does support the code look for the conditional compilation code XSX

Performance of the original Universal Windows Programming code, now re-badged as Windows Runtime which was from the days of Windows7/8 et all from the Xbox 360 generation. Performance🤣, you were lucky if it ran, it needed Microsoft library 1.138 then upgraded, because of VS2017 to MSRT140 I think, even UE 4.24 heavily patched does not seem to work anymore, with the latest windows 10. Good luck converting VS2015 runtime code, because after 327 hours I could not!!.

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@ShadowStar_Games Please let us know if you are given access.

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well i didnt get access, epic wants me to get a Microsoft ID representative to send confirmation to them about it then its possible to go to the next step in getting it, honestly im not gonna bother, i didn’t realize at the time its for series X only as i have only got series S.
hello @Jimbohalo10 . Big thanks for creating the uwp version it has come in handy for a smaller game im creating that doesnt require too much rendering on the screen which leads to the bad performance.
i think ill just stick to 4.21 UWP for now.

and yes i learned the hard way that 4.24 uwp doesn’t work on xbox anymore, i tried numerous times but the packed projects always crash on start up on xbox :frowning:

Sorry for the necro, but does the 4.21 UWP version you used still work on Xbox?

I assume you built from source so I was wondering if you could please post the link to the fork you used to successfully build for Xbox UWP?


Hi yes 4.21 uwp branch still works i actually just recently put a game on the Xbox store with it and yes i built it from source, here is the page to the branch: https://github.com/EmmettJnr/UnrealEngine/tree/4.21-uwp

Don’t. UWP is truly horrible for games. There’s a reason the fork was discontinued ages ago.

Excellent, thank you!

What game did you release and were there any issues with submission using an old unsupported version like 4.21?

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It’s just to play around with, get stuff on my Series X and to learn which it’ll be fine for.

That’s good to hear, I’ll check out your game on my Series X later tonight when I get home.

Thanks, you’ve been really helpful - I appreciate it!

Thanks ShadowStar - well done on getting your game on the store! I’ll make sure to check it out.

I’m also learning Unreal to put a game on my Series X. Just wondering if you had a note of the game template/packaging/UWP platform settings you used? I’d really appreciate a few pointers on this.

Also curious whether you’ve tried 4.23-uwp as I’ve seen people on the Ocean Project Discord say it’s worked for them and several Marketplace assets start from there? Thanks.

Hi i tried using 4.23-uwp but all my projects crash on start up with it on xbox so i didnt bother with it.
here are the settings that i use, hope it helps:

project version=
BuildD3D12RHI=True - this needs to be set true
UseD3D12RHI=False - crashes on xbox when set true
BuildForRetailWindowsStore= if building for devkit mode then set to false, if building for the xbox store set to true

your publisher id for signing can be found on Microsoft partner center
also in DefaultEngine.ini you may want to set poolsize to 9000


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Ah, too bad about 4.23. Thanks for listing the settings, that’s helped a lot.

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Just a quick update that I successfully compiled 4.21 UWP last night and managed to run the 2D Sidescroller Template and Blank 3D project on my Series X, abeit with a weird white/blue startup screen before they started.

I couldn’t run from the UE4 Editor as my console doesn’t appear/can’t be added in Device Manager despite there being no user/pass and other engines connecting to it fine, but building an .appx and manually installing to the console worked fine.

Also the FPS Template doesn’t run and gives a “Video Driver Error” so there’s something in there that it doesn’t like but I didn’t have time to investigate what - and nothing at all ran until I made the changes mentioned in the setup guide regarding changing to “Shipping” and ticking “Use Compressed Packages”.

I also needed to use the “4.5.2 .net retargeting pack” and not 4.6.2 as mentioned in the setup instructions for VS, it gave an warning about it when loading the project so I went back and installed 4.5.2 which it asked for and it was all plain sailing from there.

Will try later engines when I get time as it took a while to compile but it seems that 4.23 might be the max and even then only if your project plays nice and doesn’t require whatever it is that causes problems.

Thanks for the information @ShadowStar_Games


Can you provide the full steps on how you got this to work?


I literally just followed the steps outlined in the Discord channel, but I changed the version of the .NET Retargeting Pack as I described in my previous post.