UE5: Unable to write to runtime virtual textures with material on static mesh?

n UE5, I’m able to write to runtime virtual textures just fine with landscape materials. When trying to do the same static meshes, I’m unable to do so. Has anyone been able to do this in UE5? I’ve tried all the standard VRT troubleshooting, I can see that nothing is being written by the “Runtime virtual texture output node”, and the issue isn’t on the sampling side.

An example where the landscape is writing to the virtual texture, but the selected static mesh is not writing to it. When sampling the virtual texture, it will use the sampled data from the landscape, and has black for beyond that area.


For anyone who stumbles across this: nanite meshes cannot write to virtual textures (as of 5.1). Making the static mesh non-nanite allows this to work correctly.


this didn’t fix it and I have the same issue with my set up on a static mesh with nanite turned off the same set up works just fine on a landscape material. I have ensure that my RVT Volumes are large enough and that Runtime Virtual Textures are correctly assigned to them as well as the materials I am working with. I’m in 5.3.

the pink is my static mesh with the material that should be writing to the runtime virtual texture, the black is the static mesh with the material that should be blending with that asset (it should be turning pink)