[UE5] UE5 (release) Skeletal mesh assign skeleton bug?

Every time when i’m trying to assign to a character’s Skeletal Mesh (created in ue4, but adapted to 5.0. Freshly dled from the marketplace) UE5’s skeleton - it throws me a warning:

Even if there are no differences in the bone hierarchy

(Do not look at the T-pose of the source skeletal mesh - the same this happens with A-posed mesh)

The same happens with every single UE 5.0 adapted skel mesh, taken from the marketplace. The way i did it before (using UE 4) does not work anymore… Thats the results, in cases when i clicked “Yes”. (oh god)

When i press “Yes” it tries to merge skeletons but no luck. Just overwriting skeletal bones by the new ones…

In ue4 it works well. Is there are new pipleline for skeleton assignation or just a UE5 bug?

Thanks in advance.

The bone hierarchy changed between the UE4 Mannequin and the UE5 Mannequin. If you look at the spine, neck and fingers you will notice that there were bones added. With the changed bone hierarchy you can’t directly assign the skeleton. If you export the UE4 mesh, add the missing bones and then reimport, it works.

I wonder if there’s a better solution though. I’m sure that there are many people who are having this problem now.


Thank you for your help! Very appreciated :blush:

Epic needs to factor this in and adjust Assign Skeleton. In my case that would be exporting a huge number of characters to manually fix this.

I’m sorry , what?

I’m new at this, so I have no idea what you mean.

This might help.

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Man, I’ve come a long way. Thank you for the documentation again.