[UE5] TACHYON My version of my Favorite Superhero: The Flash


Looking cool.
Is the stuttering i see in the video about the setting you use, or can the camera just not catch up so fast at the moment? Looks like the free the sample city from UE5.

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Hey @Thorsten09. Thanks for checking out my vid. Yes, the pauses/stuttering/lag is UE5 catching up. The original title was ‘Faster Than UE5’ haha. But its more so my hardware. Yes its the famous City Sample which is awesome.

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is this available for download? if so where can i download to play? this game is looking crisp and clean

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Hi there @Reverse_Flash420. I truly appreciate your interest. We have demo in the works.

However, it will not be a game, but more so Super Hero Simulation experimenting with Character Speed, Flight, Time Dilation, and Hyper-Cinematic Camera Perspectives in real-time.

Thus, there will only be a few experimental Game Mechanics and Scoring based on camera orientation and distance in relation to player body orientation. In short, Players will only be able to run/fly around.

Currently, NO Official Time of Completion, but, release it within the next 3 months.

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This is really fast movement, i love it. Do all the collisions work if you move this fast ? Did you test some of the procedural things now?

Oh and i laught at the start as you hit this lonely tree. Remindet me instantly at a sceen in the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy” as he runs through the high grass and also hitted the one and only tree in there :rofl:

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Hi There. Thanks for checking out my vide. When moving at Hyperspeed Collision behavior is unpredictable and dependent on the camera distance. Certain objects don’t register. That’s a good thing, because you would hit objects very often and moving that fast would not be fun.

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True, could be strange hitting all. You where not really able to move if every second movement would slow down.

On the other hand if you just smash while touching everything this could be also much fun. I guess it depends on what you are aiming for.
A mix of flash and hulk, would love to see this :slight_smile:
Not sure if this even is possible with this speed, i noticed if you use functions for calculations things go sometimes really weird.