UE5 system requirements?

i have used unreal 4 several years and for ue5 need buy new computer but what i need if want make games with ue5? is 2080 enough and is 32gb ram enough? havent afford computer with 64gb ram

Main topic:

Most likely, one would need a gaming PC or laptop. That means i5 to i7 CPU and an 1660TI or higher GPU (or AMD eqivalents) with 16GB RAM.
I would suggest only getting RTX or AMD equivalent cards for all the raytracing.

For the tech demo, it recommends 64GB of memory and at least a 2070 TI, with a CPU or at least 12 Cores. My 1660ti ran out of memory, at the lowest possible settings. Hopefully, some updates to UE5 will help with performance.

ok. i can buy computer which have 2080 and 32gb ram but not want buy any nasa computer. hope they optimize ue5 so people without super computer can use it

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I opened and ran the Valley of the Ancient demo in PIE, ran pretty well on my 2060 Super machine, so I’m fairly certain it’s largely CPU and RAM that matter here.

There were a few hitches (and an eventual crash in the Dark World area which I’m fairly certain is related to a cutscene), but I was loading the demo off of an external magnetic disk so YMMV.

With the demo loaded up in PIE, I was seeing RAM usage at around 19 GB for the editor when at the start of the Dark World, so it’s likely that 32 GB may be more accurate.

Specs, for reference:

Ryzen 9 3950X
64 GB 3600 CL18
MSI Ventus 2060 Super

this resource can be useful. Your system requirements are quite sufficient. But everything changes depending on the size of the project you will develop.

To put it into perspective, both Valley of the ancient and medieval demos are fairly choppy while test running from the editor itself.

I have a 3080 RTX with 32gb (I believe of RAM, NVMe drive and ASUS/Samsung parts all around. I imagine that the demos would run smoothly if they were packaged though. Developing my own toy projects does go from 100fps down to 17fps until I optimize them as much as I know how at around 70fps. It’s a struggle but I heard there’s one or more performance bug(s).