UE5.sln file missing

I followed the Insturctions given on GitHub but the .sln didnt got generated.

Hi @GambitFPS,
the file name path length is too long rename it to “UE50EA”. You are not allowed the total file length to be more than 24 characters, hence a six-character file name for the repository.

UE50EA> setup.bat
UE50EA> GenerateProjectFiles.bat -2019

Now there will be a UE5.sln
Right-click on UE5.sln Select open with Visual Studio 2019.

When Visual Studio 2019 has started, Select UE5.sln, Right Click Select “Set as Startup Project”.
Select UE5.sln, Right Click Select “Clean”
Select UE5.sln, Right Click Select “Build”

If you are building on an SSD it will take about 78 minutes. If you have a hard drive it is about 3 hours.
When finished Select from File → Debug → “Start with Debugging”

Remember that the first time, the 4900+ Shaders will need to compile. This takes 20 minutes.

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That worked for me, thanks!