UE5 : scales vector

I can not find the “scales vector A by B” in unreal engine 5.
It looked like this in UE4 :
Does anyoine now if it has a new name or something ? Thank

I think it’s just a multiply node, no?


Hello, thank you for your answer !
It does not seem to be this.
I want to take as input my forward vector, and add 1000 to it on each axes, as in my screen shot.
Would you know a way to do this ?
Can’t find this scales vector function anymore :frowning:

I think this post is related to it in fact :

Gonna try this work around

ClockworkOcean is right. You can just use multiply. In UE5 they’ve removed all the separate nodes for each operation, and unified it into one node, which can handle all types.



Yeahhh that’s it, just a multiply and convert the second pin in a float !
Thank you guys ! I’m discovering UE since 3 days ^^
Have a great day :slight_smile:

This might be new in the update. When I first tried it, it didn’t connect the separate pins.

Thanks for the update.

Thanks dude, save me some time.