Cannot multiply a vector and float

It seems I cannot multiply a vector with a float in UE5. I found a workaround, but am not sure if it’s a bug or a perm change. This needs fixing.
Anybody else found any more BP bugs?


Strange. It seems the developers merged all the blueprint multiply operations into a wildcard-based one. This is good in most cases, but it does seem to remove the “Vector * Float” operation. If you haven’t figured it out already, you could use this function to do the same thing. (Optionally mark it as pure)

You can multiply by a float, select the vector * vector, then drag the float value to the other vector and it will Promote to float.image


This requires the float to be a variable, which I get not having Magic Numbers is wise but come on…

You can use “Make Literal Float” to avoid using a variable


Actually, all you have to do is right click the pin → convert pin → float:
It’s called type promotion.


Ok, that makes a lot more sense. Thanks for sharing!

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The vector2d * float node that has a vector2d output pin (rather than a vector output) seems to be a problem as when you convert the pins, it removes the float value option. You can work around by splitting the pin and just using the first 2 pins with a Make Vector2D, however this is not the functionality available in UE4.

Thank you for writing this up as I was just about to file my own topic on it.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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You need to right click the node’s pin and you can set it to any type you want (pretty cool actually)

If you really don’t want “type promotion”, you can disable it! :relieved: Just search “type promotion” in Editor Preferences, and there is a checkbox. Once disabled, everything is back to normal (and you get vector2d * float back, too).


I see. It just seems to be an extra step, but it’s there.
Thanks for the help.

Not gonna lie, pin convert + add pin is pretty nice to have.


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This Is What Annoys Me, Wth Am I Supposed To Do, All Tuts Are Rendered Useless, A LOT Of Tutorials Are Rendered Useless, Because Someone Chose To Replace A Basic Vector * float With Nothing


How are any tutorials rendered useless? With a just basic amount of adaption, you can still get those nodes via pin-converting.

And, as I stated above, you can disable all of this and find all of those “missing” nodes easily by disabling “Type Promotion” in the “Editor Preferences”.


Nvm, I Found Out The Use Of *, +, -, Etc, Yes, I Am A Noob lol, Its Just At The Time I Felt It Was A Big Change, But It Is An Improvement ,

If someone is looking for simple resolve, You can now multiply vector by whatever u want by converting (RMB) pin to other variable type


Thanks :wink: @midgunner66

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Ty my man!


Thank you for this

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