[UE5] Rendering from Command Line not working anymore

Hi folks, is there anyway in UE5 to render from command line, like in UE4.

I used to do this in UE4 by something like this,

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Epic Games\4.##\Engine\Binaries\Win64\UE4Editor.exe" "D:\Unreal Projects\SequencerTestBed\SequencerTestBed.uproject" /Game/TestRender/TestRender_Map -game -MovieSceneCaptureType="/Script/MovieSceneCapture.AutomatedLevelSequenceCapture" -LevelSequence="/Game/Test_Render/Test_Render_SQ" -MovieFrameRate=30 -noloadingscreen -resx=1280 -resy=720 -MovieFormat=JPG -MovieQuality=75

And I noticed in UE5, the EXE has been renamed to UnrealEditor.exe, but it seems not working after I changed the EXE name in the above command. The UE5 process can be invoked, but keeps running forever without any rendering outputs or logged errors.

The official UE5 documents have not mentioned anything related to commandline, so could anyone help me out here?

Many thanks in advance!

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Hey, anyone can help ? :joy:

It looks like the arguments changed when they introduced the Render Queue.

Judging by this: Movie Render Queue Enhancements in 4.26 | Inside Unreal - YouTube the new way is to either render a queue with -MoviePipelineConfig, or a level + preset with -MoviePipelineConfig and -LevelSequence