UE5 Projects Not Showing

When I create a project inside Unreal Engine 5 Epic Games Launcher doesn’t recognise that. Anyone having that issue like me?


Yes I can conffirm this. Same issue for me.


Thanks for confirmation. Found a temporal solution. When you verify the engine files the projects refresh for once.

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I also have this issue. The only way I can get a UE5 project to show up in the Epic Games launcher, is to create a UE4 project and then upgrade it to UE5 lol. Verifying the engine does not refresh the projects list for me.

I just tested this out and it works fine for me. I have a bunch of UE4 projects that show up in the UE5 project browser. I then created a new UE5 project using the third person template. I closed the editor and launched UE5 again… which launched into the UE5 project browser. My new UE5 project is shown in there below all the UE4 projects. I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see it though.

As an improvement, I think UE5 projects should be displayed first in the browser. Then perhaps a horizontal line before displaying all the UE4 projects. At the moment they are lumped together with UE5 projects below the fold.

We’re not talking about the ue5 menu, the problem is on Epic Games Launcher

I also encountered this problem. My solution is to create a UE4 project in the same directory. At this time, Epiclauncher will recognize this project, and then you create your UE5 project in this directory. At this time, the UE5 project will be displayed in Epiclauncher is in. It may be delayed by a few seconds


Yeah, got this problem as well, can manually find and launch the *.uproject files though.

EDIT: OK, made a brand new ue4.26 project in my ue5 projects folder, and all my previous ue5 projects have now shown up in the epic games launcher, and even the ue5 project selector as well, neat.
I wonder why this is a fix. Thank you LingHyun


Exiting and restarting the launcher worked for me.

Had this problem, opened the project by launching the Engine and after a restart it was displayed in Epic launcher.

I’m not too sure, it’s a bit like specifying a folder for your UE project.

Right. I haven’t encountered an issue there though. I guess because I have my UE5 projects in the same folder as my UE4 projects. No doubt it is an issue that will be ironed out in an update.

I was able to find a fix that worked for me:

  1. Create a blank UE4 project and call it “DeleteMe” in the same folder with your UE5 Projects
  2. Open up UE5 and all your projects will be there
  3. Close UE5 and Delete the temp project
  4. Re-open UE5 and everything works

worked for me anyway
hope this helps

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Here’s the solution, UE4/5 projects show in launcher and in add content menu.



Create a temp Unreal 4 project to delete right a way.
Restart the Epic Launcher (little annoying is need to enter again the email and password)

Both take just few seconds and force the Epic Launcher to refresh the projects list.

Not a huge problem, Epic will obviously fix that in the next iteration of the Launcher.

Thanks mate, this fixed it for me.

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Thanks will worked perfectly. There are also so other interesting paths you can cleanup and organize there.
Make sure to properly shutdown Epic Games Launcher first.

Just posting to confirm that I have experienced the same or similar bug. UE5 projects do not show up in the launcher OR “recent” projects dialogue box when opening UE5 direct. Can open the UE5 project manually.

Also note that even when UE5 shows in the launcher or dialogue box, this does not guarantee it will stay there. On some occasions I have reopened the launcher or UE5 only to find the UE5 project has disappeared and has to be manually opened again.

Have noted the work around suggested in this thread so will try it.

Oops. I thought my reply didn’t get nested.

This worked. Make sure you quit EGL from your system tray completely before editing, and put the folder above the one that has your project file in it.

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Mannn thanks a lot that worked for me, I changed my unreal project backup path by making a folder in it and saving it. I corrected it and it’s working fine.

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